5 Steps to Better Emotional Intimacy

We often assume that we’re in a relationship, so we’re going to have a level of closeness with our partner. But is this always the case? Could we be in a relationship AND still feel really disconnected and lonely?


Today we’re going to be looking at what happens when our relationship is in fact a LONELY place, and at 5 steps that we can take to re-connect.


Reece Stockhausen & Jodie Milton are internationally recognized relationship and intimacy coaches, award-winning bloggers, and co-creators of Practical Intimacy. Since 2014, they’ve helped hundreds of couples and over 1 million readers with their unique intimacy-focused approach to modern relationships and personal development.


We’re going to be looking at:


– What is emotional intimacy and why is it so important in our relationship?


– What are the signs when we are missing emotional intimacy?


– Why do couples struggle to create emotional intimacy?


– How can couples start to build emotional intimacy?


– How emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy are connected


– What to do when one partner is more committed to change compared to the other one


– The challenges of working together as well as having an intimate relationship too

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