Case Studies

Picking up the pieces after an alcoholic partner

The Scenario

After years of trying and failing to help her alcoholic partner to recover and move on from his addiction, Sharon had come to the realisation that she couldn’t help him any more, and that her help in the past hadn’t been as well received as she had thought.

She had noticed how the more she tried to help him, the more conflict and resentment she caused, even feeling like his enemy. She also felt uncertain about being able to shield her young daughter from the effects of alcoholism and the impact on the relationship.

Confused and lost, she reached out to Matt & Rebeca.

The Result

After working with Rebeca, Sharon understood how their relationship had gotten to that point of stagnation and what steps she needed to take in order for her to support her partner in the most effective way, as well as to protect her daughter from a place of emotional strength and love.

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