Case Studies

Helping a couple get ‘unstuck’ with counselling

The Scenario

After years of misery and loneliness in a marriage that had lost not only the passion but also the trust and the good will, Jon and Michelle decided to contact Matt & Rebeca as a last resort. Jon was not keen as he imagined counselling would mean that he was outnumbered with a female counsellor siding with Michelle! When he understood that Matt & Rebeca work together with couples he was assured that the process would be more balanced and he agreed to take part.

He was also of the view that despite having struggled for so long, they would find the answer themselves.

After the initial call with Matt & Rebeca they decided to give the relationship another chance by committing to the sessions.

The Result

Having finally understood the exact dynamic that had been creating their challenges, they finally saw a path to another kind of relationship.

They agreed to support each other in making the changes that they could see would give them a chance to draw the line under the frustrations of the past and to build on the good aspects of the relationship that were always there, though rarely focussed on.

After completing the implementation, they shared what a turnaround they had experienced, even exceeding their own expectations!

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