Case Studies

Making sense of infidelity and rebuilding trust

The Scenario

Danielle had just found out that Joe had been messaging a colleague at work for a while, and that some of the recent messages were very personal.

She wondered whether this was connected to his distant behaviour, and when she confronted him, he acknowledged that things had gone too far.

Even though trust had been undermined, they still loved each other, and wanted to make sure that by getting to the bottom of why this infidelity had happened, they could ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.

In order to rebuild trust they reached out to Matt & Rebeca.


The Result

By exploring the relationship before the affair from different perspectives, Danielle & Joe realised that the problems didn’t start with the infidelity but had origins much earlier.

By getting to the point of clarity, they corrected the causes that were underlying that had led them to that experience.

By doing this work, they therefore not only understood what happened but also why it happened, giving them confidence that it wouldn’t happen again.

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