Case Studies

Separated man in his 40’s making sense of the possibilities in his new life

The Scenario


When Nick approached us, he was still living at the family home and had been told by his wife of 10 years that she had started the divorce process, and that he would need to find a lawyer.

He realised that the dynamic between them had changed substantially over the years and that after the passion had been lost, the relationship became more like a business partnership than an intimate relationship.

By focussing on supporting his wife in her business, he had given away his own power.


The Result


After working with Matt, Nick learnt how to put himself back at the centre of his life and become able to find his passion again.

He re-built a life that he could feel inspired to live…

And one that would inspire his children too. He learnt what he had lost through the years of the marriage and how the dynamic had changed over time. With a clear plan for the future, he was able to look forward with renewed optimism, re-establishing his previous business, and deepening his bond with his children.

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