Case Studies

Abandoned Woman

The Scenario

Suzanne had just found out that John had been having an affair and she was looking for support in seeing how they could heal things together. They were initially looking to work together to address their relationship challenges. Just two weeks before the Relationship Breakthrough Programme, Suzanne contacted Rebeca saying that she wasn’t sure about working on the relationship as her partner had abandoned her and their children for another woman, she felt devasted, an abandoned woman.

The Result

Rebeca suggested doing the programme was the next logical step she could do right now to be able to move forward and heal in the fastest way.

By the end of the 10 h programme Suzanne felt AMAZING as she now had all the clarity about where her relationship challenges came from and how they had led them to the end of their marriage. Despite this, she felt happy and strong to move forward in her life and pick up the pieces.

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