Case Studies

Trapped in an abusive relationship

The Scenario

After 15 years of marriage, Sara was suffering from anxiety, depression and a lot of physical pain after years of feeling trapped in her abusive marriage.

She realised that she couldn’t live with her husband´s behaviour any longer, but she didn’t have the courage and confidence to exit, partly because she still blamed herself for not being a good enough wife and mother during the relationship.

The Result

After working with Rebeca Sara discovered that she didn’t have to accept her husband´s blame for everything anymore, although she also understood how she had contributed to the situation she got into.

Through the work she did with Rebeca she was able to reconnect with the strength and courage that she already possessed but that she had forgotten she had, through the constant attacks of her abusive partner.

She was also able to look at her partner from a different loving perspective, while at the same time asserting herself and effectively protecting her children. By the end of their work together Sara had changed many of her friendships and renewed her contract at work as well as starting a new business as a nutritional coach.

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