Aligned with Love offers a range of relationship support services

A no-obligation consultation: Book your free discovery call

The first step in exploring whether working with us is a good fit is to book a free discovery call where we can get a better understanding of your situation. You can also ask us any questions to ensure that you can make the right decision for you. For couples, this call is with Matt & Rebeca together, whereas Matt & Rebeca also run these calls separately for men and women respectively.

Individually tailored services: Exclusive sessions with Matt & Rebeca

This is the premium way to experience the transformation of the Relationship Breakthrough Programme. Working directly and exclusively with Matt & Rebeca covering the whole programme in a way that is tailored to your particular needs. This means that we can be fully focused on you and your particular challenges ensuring that you get everything you need from the programme.

Group interactive coaching programmes

This is your low cost option for experiencing the power of the Relationship Breakthrough Programme. We have found a way to maintain privacy, while also enabling you to learn from other participants as they work together on their relationship. Many previous participants have told us how insightful this experience is. The programme is designed to get you quickly to that point of total clarity on where you are right now and how to get to where you want to be.

Implementation support coaching

This is our optional level of support that we offer to those who have completed the Relationship Breakthrough Programme – either the Zoom Interactive Live or the Exclusive- to maximise the long term results.

Low cost educational programmes: Online courses

If for you learning at your own pace in the comfort of your own home is your preferred approach, then you are going to love our programmes. Some are free, while others are attractively priced so that you can start your learning journey with us, with an accessible first step.

Public talks and events:

We regularly speak at events – both online and in person. These are sometimes organised by ourselves, and other times Matt & Rebeca are invited to speak at events hosted by other organisations. Contact the team for any speaking or media enquiries.