The secret for magic intimate relationships

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Do we need to choose between having a strong sexual attraction for our partner and having an incredible relationship? Is sexual attraction a curse for an intimate relationship?

People frequently talk about choosing between having a very strong chemistry and attraction in their intimate relationship and having an amazing intimate relationship where the partners get on extremely well and love and respect flows easily and naturally despite their sexual needs not always being reciprocated.

When I first found out about the feminine and masculine energy I really thought that it was a curse for an intimate relationship because I thought that if I wanted to feel with my partner just like I feel when I am with my girl-friends he needed to have more feminine qualities like being more empathetic, allowing or accommodating. Over time I realised that it clearly diminished his masculine energy and even though I would feel really emotionally connected to him when it came to play at night time… I would not feel any passion or fire to be with him.

At the beginning I thought, “well… after all, I´m not so much into sex but into the spiritual side”, but some days later I would find myself really horny not having that macho masculine energy that I knew would put all my fire off in seconds… My partner would surely be ready to give me a helping hand, as guys tend to be usually ready for that but he wouldn´t have the right attitude that I needed… you know… the fireman…! And not only that, day after day, month after month… and after years… how do you think a man can feel without actually living in his natural core masculine energy? Doing what women do, going to where women go, talking in feminine ways, spending more time “in being/feeling mode” than “in doing/thinking mode” without a clear drive in life or not enough fuel to make things happen? I finally realised that in the long term we would both build some kind of resentment for not having our sexual needs properly met and I would certainly feel frustrated and angry for having to do stuff that I would love him to do! I got to the point of embracing my sexuality because after all, I am a spiritual being having a human experience and feminine humans feel horny and need firemen! And I also understood that both men and women have both masculine and feminine energy but the secret is to find the way to freely choose them in the right contexts, at the right time, on demand.

But wait a second, what if I chose the macho fireman in front of the nice friendly and loving partner? I would always feel sexually really satisfied, I mean… reaaaaallyyy satisfied if you know what I mean But then… I would miss my lovely empathetic and allowing partner and our long conversations that I enjoy so much!!! Aaaaaaaa…!!! What a conflict!!! And maybe at the end of the day the macho fireman would not really be as interested in putting my fire off but his own…

So what was the Secret of Magic Intimate Relationships then?‍ The magic is the combination of the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy combined with ALIGNED, the Seeds of Love Through our work in ourselves and everyday practice with consistency and our work with our clients we´ve seen day after day that it is not possible to give up to the polarity or to the emotional connection because both are interconnected to each other. There’s a specific amount of masculine and feminine energy that men need to have in the perfect measure for the polarity to work really well in the relationship whilst still maintaining a great flow and emotional connection. We also know that life has different stages and can bring unexpected events that can dramatically impact the polarity and because of this everything is a work in progress and we always need to be very aware of this dynamic and be on top of it. Did you think that an intimate relationship is static and it was always going to be as magic as at the beginning without ever having to do any work to keep it up? Bad news. But if you really and deeply understand the astonishing power of the divine polarity you can master your relationship with yourself and this will dramatically impact in your partner! But wait! There’s a second ingredient particularly important for your intimate relationship to be magic under any circumstance that life throws your way! This ingredient is ALIGNED, the Seeds of Love There are 7 strategies that when really embodied become qualities and part of your identity and inevitably and profoundly transform your life no matter where you are at right now! This is why many people call us “the magic couple”!! I love it!! These qualities support the balance of feminine and masculine energy so the intimate relationship becomes really really magic!

So yessss!!!! You can also have a magic intimate relationship when you are ready to put an end to an average relationship and to take it to the next magic level!

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