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Matt is a qualified therapist, relationship expert using a range of techniques including coaching and NLP. He loves seeing that moment when a client takes the decision to commit to really turning around their relationship… and their life! After his own journey through a series of challenging relationships, he went on a personal QUEST to really understand how he had got himself into these issues and what it takes to make a relationship work. That journey took him through a deep educational process and he now has the privilege of supporting countless clients on their own journey of change. He has worked extensively in organisational change too where he has recognised that the most common challenges are mindset based, an insight which serves him well supporting people turning around their relationships!

Rebecca is a qualified therapist, relationship expert using several modalities including Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and Coaching. She is passionate about helping people to value themselves, to overcome any fears that may be stopping them from having the life that they want and to find the perfect balance of their feminine and masculine energy on demand. As a highly sensitive woman she loves her work where she can put into action her intuition to lead people from the path of fear to the path of love. She has experienced many different challenges in her life and particularly in the area of relationships that now are enabling her to support her clients! Her main passions are the topics on Highly Sensitive People, co-dependency in relationships and the Law of Attraction.

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