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Weather you are in a relationship or you are in the dating pool, or none of that but you want to understand yourself more and others more, this is BY FAR THE BEST PLACE TO BE!

Transform yourself and your relationships in the Relationship Mastery for Women

Relationship Mastery for Women on the 8th of June at Clayton Hotel Cardiff

Join Rebeca Perea for the Relationships Mastery for Women and discover the unseen forces that shape our lives and relationships.  Rebeca Perea, dedicated relationship coach is going to be hosting our women's only in person event in Cardiff this June the 8th. You can ask her your most burning questions, hear from other women's experiences and get some valuable insight into yourself and your love life! 

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Everyone should see Rebecca & Matt. They give you amazing tools to work through everyday relationships difficulties. After being in a 20 year relationship we were able quite quickly to make a lot of changes to improve ourselves personally which had a huge positive impact on our relationship. We are not at the end of our program yet but I am already so happy with where I am. Cannot recommended AWL enough! Everyone should go to them and get given the tools to becoming a better version of you!
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Marta Ragu


Wonderful people, who helped us with communication problems, setting boundaries, meeting our individual needs and improving the relationship we have with each other as well as with family, friends, coworkers… etc. We did 7 months course which involved 3 sessions a month. We found this very powerful and there was a lot of extra support and resources. Rebeca organises empowering events for ladies, and Matt mountain walks for men. I highly recommend this, not only for couples, but for anyone who wants to work on themselves.
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We have only positives to express from our experience with Aligned with Love. From our initial phone consultation to the discussion of the service provided everything has been easy to follow with guidance throughout. Matt and Rebeca are always happy to help and try there best to arrange things to be convenient for you. Would definitely recommend.
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We recently finished the programme with Matt and Rebeca and cannot express enough how much it has transformed our relationship for the better! We first approached Matt and Rebeca after hitting a wall; feeling our relationship had been stuck in this negative loop with no way forward. Their approach to support us, both as a couple and separately through group work and individual sessions, allowed us to break out of the cycle and work out that path forward together with a structure we could follow and techniques to practice. Their help allowed me to better understand myself, dealing with issues in a healthy way and the importance of showing up to the relationship as my best self. The sessions with Matt were enlightening and very supportive, and also the group walking trips he runs and podcasts they’ve created were really beneficial, creating a strong feeling of having a support system to tap-into aswell as invaluable life-coaching that extends beyond the relationship. We’ve not-only found clarity in our relationship but also in the importance of working to bring our ‘best-self’, along with a new ‘tool box’ of communication techniques to work together through any issue and understand each other’s viewpoint. Cannot recommend enough!
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Ben Pycroft


My girlfriend and I were stuck in a constant loop of one week we were good and the other we'd be at eachothers throats over menial things. My girlfriend sought help for our relationship and found AWL. I've honestly couldn't have asked for better people than Matt and Rebeca to guide us on our way to a better relationship. From the get go they were very welcoming and made us both feel extremely comfortable. We've only an been with AWL for just over a month now and we were seeing progress in our relationship within a couple of weeks. Matt and Rebeca have helped my partner and I understand each other better and have opened up a whole new avenue of communication for us both to better resolve issues and understand how we're both feeling. I can't recommend AWL enough to anyone who finds themselves in a constant loop. They really do help! Thank you both for helping us on our journey, even though we have a long way to go still. I only see a better future and a better relationship for my partner and I.
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The support that both myself and my partner have received during the Aligned with Love Relationship support has been life changing. It has taken me such a long time to write this review as I don’t think I can find the words to do it justice as to how much benefit it has been. When we first met Matt and Rebeca we were at breaking point but after their 6 month course that couldn’t be further from our new reality. Matt and Rebeca are completely honest with you all the way through the programme - but what you can’t quite appreciate or put a price on is how committed they are and the support they give every step of the way. Whether that is through a WhatsApp message or voice note to coach you through a difficult situation, one-to-one touch base calls, reading lists, podcasts, in person events, individual and group counselling sessions and even tailored meditations to help work on specific issues. For me, I cannot sing Rebeca’s praises enough or thank her for showing me how to find and be my best self. She had an ability to pick me up when I was at my lowest and teach me that it’s ok to do nothing sometimes! With her I have learnt more about myself than I thought possible and it’s not only helped the relationship with my partner, but with family, friends and even work too! She is an incredible compassionate individual who is very dedicated to her vocation and cares about helping people. If you are willing to put in the work this is an amazing opportunity to become your best self; as this is the healthiest thing for any relationship to thrive.
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Carl Allam


Myself and my wife got in touch with Matt and Rebeca 6 months ago when our relationship had reached breaking point and an all time low after 3 years of deteriorating. Along the way I always felt we needed to resolve our problems and issues ourselves and that no one else could understand our situation or help wrong I was. We met Matt and Rebeca face to face and where put at ease straight away and within the first hour already knew things where going to get better. Their understanding of relationships, people and different situations helped them show us/me it wasn't about them fixing our situation but giving us the tools, understanding and belief to see how we had got to this point and how to move forward together and rebuild our relationship, communication and Love. We are now well on our road to recovery and to better happier times together as a family. We have a long way to go but together with the belief and understanding we have been given we will get there. Thankyou Matt and Rebeca for all your help and guidance I'm so glad we found you both and may you both be blessed for all the people you help.
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Michelle An


Our relationship was in a "loop of doom" and I was so exhausted of it, ready to get out of it. But I knew that in the core of me and my partner's being, we had the same values and that we were always good just stuck in a loop. So I needed to try and find help that would not put any biases for me and my partner. I am glad to find Matt and Rebeca. They have helped us realise what we've been doing wrong and what would make it work for the better. For the first time I was seeing significant things about my relationship and my partner with a different and clearer pair of glasses! Nothing changes instantaneously but with AWL trusting and enduring the process to an effective relationships is definitely better and sweet!
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Jade Rees


I initially hoped to complete the relationship therapy as part of a couple. However, I decided after the breakdown of a long marriage to complete it on my own. It was the best decision, I could have made. It gave me the tools to navigate a very challenging time in a proactive and positive manner. From the initial phone call with Matt and the hypnotherapy sessions with Rebecca. They both made put me at ease and made me feel safe. I now feel confident, content and genuinely excited for the future.
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Sarah Jane Jones


I read the reviews before deciding to try Aligned with Love, they were really positive and seemed too good to be true to be honest! I'd tried relationship counselling previously and didn't find it helpful at all, in fact it made me feel worse so i wasn't confident this would be for me; but with our relationship at breaking point, I decided to give it a go. Meeting Matt and Rebecca was probably the best thing that could have happened to our relationship. We are very early on in the programme but I can already see a huge difference in our relationship and how we communicate. Their structured approach and clear methods allow you to see things from a new perspective. Rebecca is so easy to talk to and both her and Matt really put you at ease and make you feel comfortable enough to really open up to them. My relationship has a long way to go, but for the first time in a long time, I'm starting to believe we can actually make things work. I really can't recommend them both highly enough
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Sucheta Mitra


We are incredibly grateful for the amazing experience the Relationship Breakthrough program has given us. My husband, and I found ourselves facing some of the toughest challenges life could throw at us - moving to a new country, the loss of loved ones, and navigating tricky dynamics with my in-laws. These struggles had taken a toll on our relationship, and we were teetering on the brink of separation. However, something inside urged us to give it one last shot, to at least understand why things had gotten so difficult between us. From the moment we shared our story with you, we felt heard and understood in a way we hadn't before. The guidance was transformative; through the learning sessions, practical exercises, and one-on-one sessions, we dove deep into our individual traumas and insecurities. Personally, I discovered layers of past hurts and childhood traumas that had unknowingly been affecting my present. Understanding these patterns was like shedding light on years of confusion and pain. But what truly amazed us was how this program wasn't just about fixing our relationship; it was about healing ourselves on an individual level. The sessions were eye-openers, revealing not just the cracks in our partnership but also the strength and resilience within us. Learning to communicate our feelings effectively was a game-changer. We realized that while we couldn't change our circumstances or the people around us, we had the power to change how we reacted to them. The program taught us how to have each other's backs, to navigate conflicts with compassion and understanding. Today, we stand as a stronger, more connected team. Our relationship isn't perfect; we still have disagreements and misunderstandings. But now, armed with the tools and insights from your program, we approach these challenges with confidence and grace. We've learned how to support each other through thick and thin, knowing that together, we can overcome anything. Matt and Rebeca, your program has truly been a lifeline for us. Thank you for your wisdom, your compassion, and your unwavering support. You've helped us breathe new life into our relationship, and for that, we'll be forever grateful.
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Matt Brennan


6 months ago me and my partner was at breaking point, we searched the net for something to try help us work things out and stumbled across aligned with love relationship support and reading all the reviews, after some time talking if it was worth the money what if I doesn’t work and also if it’s real etc we decided to take the risk. All I can say is Matt and Rebecca have been amazing and given us the tools we needed to work through our problems and gave us a chance at a happy ending. If your sat here reading this wondering if it works is it worth it ? I can 100% say it is ! These guy know what they are doing and if you put the effort in you will get the results you are wanting. Thank you Matt and Rebecca for your hard work and patience it’s truly amazing.
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