The Scenario

As the two children were now grown up into young adults, they had come to re-evaluate some of the challenges that they had experienced as children.

While they didn’t want to hold to resentment, they also struggled to understand why they had not been supported as they would have wished when they were younger. For the relationships to work, they needed to get unstuck, so that they could let go of some of the resentment that was holding them back.

They reached out to Matt & Rebeca to get some new perspectives in an attempt to draw the line and re-establish adult relationships.

The Result

By re-evaluating the challenges of the past, the adult children came to see that while their parents had been going through their own issues, this had sometimes taken away the focus on the children at key times.

They examined the dynamics in the relationships, and saw some important areas that needed to be updated now that the children had moved onto a new stage in their lives.

This enabled a new closeness to be created whereby the time that they spent together was more positive, and they could support each other when needed.

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