Matt & Rebeca Client Testimonials

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Matt & Rebeca are known for the speed of results that their clients experience as they turn around their relationship,

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Here’s some verified client testimonials:

I’ve had a few conversations with Matt over the last few months and every one of them has been massively helpful. Each time we’ve spoken, I have left the conversation feeling totally re-energised and instantly clearer about what I need to do next. I’m feeling much more like myself, my confidence is right back where it belongs and I’m ready to take the world by storm. Bring it on. Thanks, Matt!

Daniel Pressley, UK

I can’t say thank you enough!! The support was great and the pace of the sessions was perfect. The way they explained each subject really opened my eyes and as a result me and my wife are in a much better place and it gets better each day. If anyone is struggling in a relationship or thinks something might not be what it was, aligned with love is just what you need.

Mark Sharples, UK

My name is Rebeca and I contacted Matt and Rebecca as my husband and I needed help with our relationship. They both made me feel so welcome and strong enough to get through this hard time. Unfortunately my husband and I have not stayed together, however, their programme has given me clarity on our relationship. I feel so much better about myself and I am at peace with myself. They have given me the determination and courage to carry on as a single mother, and I can’t thank them enough for all their support!

Rebecca Williamson

Fantastic with marriage counselling and focused a lot in self help. They helped both me and my wife get our voices heard and made us realise things we didn’t even acknowledge about ourselves. Fantastic and would recommend them to anyone,

Lauren, UK

Matt and Rebeca have a unique way of working, investing time both individually and as a team.
Our relationship has improved dramatically, and we are implementing the methods we learned to keep things on track.
Matt and Rebeca are so approachable and easy to work with. Can’t recommend enough!

Sarah Drury, UK

Matt gave me a new perspective to look at situations differently and taught me the importance of self worth. The advice and exercises he has given me has had a massive impact on my marriage and my life in general.

Matthew Brookes, UK

I approached Matt and Rebbeca initially for business coaching and they have surpassed my expectations. Their 2 on 1 approach means you get 2 insights and intense sessions that go deep to find root causes and do a process on it immediately and I have had great results in my life in many areas. I have had many coaches in the past but these guys are the best! I cannot recommend them highly enough!

M Shad, UK

Just spent the weekend with Matt and Rebeca, fantastic coaches who helped unleash my inner me, releasing hidden emotions, in being a better person and better communicator, a loving person and being able to give more love, though still more work needs to be done. Nonetheless they have shown me the road ahead, ready to embark in a new journey. Thank you very much guys and wish you all the best, and help more people in your own journey!

Jorge De Andrade, UK.

‘The intensive program we did with AWL enabled us to save our relationship when all hope seemed lost. Rebeca and Matt are easy to talk to and very insightful. Their non-judgmental approach made it easy to discuss difficult and sensitive topics and to identify, challenge and overcome problem behaviours without laying blame. We appreciated their coaching style, and the way they work as a couple with both joint and one-on-one sessions was very effective.
For one of us this work helped address & overcome negative thought and behaviour patterns that had developed over a lifetime of destructive coping mechanisms, so their coaching helped improve not just our relationship but relationships with wider family.
We have learned some great tools to deal with any challenges the future may bring and we are very grateful to Matt and Rebecca for their patience and help. We highly recommend AWL.

Rebecca & Rob

Had an amazing full day of coaching with these guys and they really know their stuff. Completely blown away by their depth of knowledge and ability to put it across clearly and into actionable steps to move forward. Unlike any other coaching I’ve had and I’ve been obsessed with this stuff for a decade. Highly recommended.

Daniel Rees, Wales

Rebeca and Matt are outstanding coaches. They really listen to your own personal needs and have lots of practical tools to adapt in order to resolve any kind of inner conflicts, whether you’re in a relationship, or single and/or looking to be in a relationship, you will truly benefit from their coaching techniques and welcoming hospitality and personal service designed specially to meet your own personal needs. I truly recommend their services. I wish them every success and look forward to seeing them again in the near future. A big thank you for all your help this weekend in helping me unlock my inner blocks in love and self love. Much love.

Anna Vilchis, London

“Brilliant and extremely helpful service. Puts a different perspective and outlook on things. Would definitely recommend it! If you’re sitting on the fence you should really give it a shot!”

Tommy W., UK.

I need to thank Matt and Rebeca from the bottom of my heart. A couple of months ago, I didn’t know how to prioritize my goals. On one hand, I had a list of important things to do related to work and business and on the other hand I had another list of things that gave me bad energy and was keeping me stuck!
What I wanted to do was emotionally painful but I did not want to recognise it! Instead, I had chosen to deny it! I was in a bad situation that was also, and literally, affecting my health!
Rebeca and Matt guided me towards my own inside to find the best answers to all my questions. The answers to the problems were always there, inside of me, but it’s just so difficult to find them when it is you who have the problem. When this happens, you have to recognise that you need external support, and you feel so lucky when you find experts who make you have such powerful realisations….!!
I know I am the luckiest person because Matt and Rebeca are the best ones at spotting your destructive patterns and at leading you to make powerful decisions (this is the most important point: to get awareness of what we’re doing that it’s giving us those poor results). After those completely unexpected realisations and several therapies, I feel free and happy and I am definitely in the right path to success. THANK YOU SO MUCH MATT AND REBECA, YOU ARE THE BEST ONES AND I REALLY RECOMMEND YOUR EXPERTISE TO EVERYONE!

Marisa Perea, Spain

“Matt and Rebeca were very welcoming and accommodated us quickly into their schedules. I found it very useful that they reviewed things as a couple with different perspectives. This helped them identify and talk through key underlying issues which I found insightful and eye opening!”

Rob Bonny, UK.

“We found Matt and Rebeca when looking for some guidance in our relationship. They have a unique way of functioning as a team, with both individual and couple sessions included. Their insights are incredible, and really help to give a new perspective on relationship issues. The advice and support is so valuable, and enabled us to start healing and moving forward. The sessions are intense but so worth it!”

Sarah D., UK.

“We found Matt and Rebeca when looking for some guidance in our relationship. They have a unique way of functioning as a team, with both individual and couple sessions included. Their insights are incredible, and really help to give a new perspective on relationship issues. The advice and support is so valuable, and enabled us to start healing and moving forward. The sessions are intense but so worth it!”

Ozana Guisca, London

“Over the course of the session, they helped me to understand a lot about myself, not just in terms of romantic relationships but my relationship with my family, my work, my friends and most importantly how I see myself. Since the session, based on their helpful and friendly suggestions I’ve worked a lot on many key areas of my life and I am now in a much better position and fulfilling a lot of my goals. I couldn’t recommend a visit to them enough!”

Francesca Dimech, Wales

Working with Rebeca is an amazing experience and one of the most important opportunities I have ever had.
In a supportive, kind and caring way, she puts all her skills and knowledge in our deep conversations, and she helps me understand how the relationship with myself is reflecting on my personal and professional relationships.
Through her powerful technique, she offers guidance to unlock the potential people already have within themselves and to be able to make empowered better choices.
I recommend her with all my heart! Thank you, Rebeca!

Gabriela Boghiu, Romania

The value I got from the program is priceless. With the incredible help of Rebeca, I healed past traumas, I gained a lot more clarity in my life (with respect to the harmful relationship patterns I had in the past and the new healthier patterns I want to cultivate in the future), I learned so many things about the differences between men and women and how to apply all the knowledge in order to have healthy, flourishing relationships without compromising my true self. I recommend it to all people struggling to either have or maintain a beautiful, nurturing relationship (with themselves first and with others subsequently).

Madalina Calota, Romania

I had the chance to meet those beloved Souls in Romania, at an event.
The way they combined their personal stories with music, dance with theatre, and the speaking of personal development with interactions, it is unique.
It takes a great amount of healing and courage to speak so openly about your past. But not to use it as emotional manipulation, but to offer it as a guidance and as an example. It is like whatever youțve got through your Life, it can be healed.
I appreciate Rebeca very much, because she stands tall with both masculine and feminine energy, to support transitions in women’s hard times.
I appreciate Matt because he delivers top quality content for men, with clarity, easy to assimilate presentations, a calm tone, and great information.

Adrian Madalin, Romania