Failing abusive relationship – Is it saveable?

There’s nothing worse than having to remove yourself from an abusive, manipulative and violent partner in a failing abusive relationship.

I personally know and from my clients´ experience how hard it is to break FREE from relationshits just to come back with your perpetrator a few months later. Either they keep texting you or you feel sorry for them and all the freedom and personal power that you had gained goes out of the window in a heartbeat!

How can you know if your relationship is abusive?

You start thinking, “I don’t have the courage to leave my partner and start again.”

Always talking about themself, being so inconsiderate to you!

So emotionally abusive, constantly belittling you and putting you down! Even physically abusing you!

Do you feel as if your partner had an over-inflated sense of their own importance? As if they always need to be right?

As if they believe that they are always more attractive, more intelligent, more entitled to be heard or respected than anyone else?

Do you feel like you have to tread on eggshells when you relate to your partner?

If you´re still reading this article maybe by this time you have realised how challenging your relationship with your partner is. You may be tangled in the traps and dangers of the spider web of a failing abusive relationship, but… is it saveable?

If you´ve agreed to most of these questions chances are that your partner is a narcissist!

Their strong belief of how special they are, the VIP treatment that they deserve, their exaggerated achievements and their self-centred conversations along with their incapability to apologise are signs to be aware of. The inability to recognise their own mistakes, always justifying everything they do must have probably sapped your self-respect and confidence.

Their caring and modest attitude in public and cold, manipulative and even abusive in private along with their complete lack of empathy are soul destroying!

And the most addictive trait is their charming and charismatic sense of certainty that can be very seductive and attractive. They are capable of convincing you that they are actually right and confuse you and even trap you just as a spider does to mosquitos in its web!

The test that tells you who you are with

If you want to know who they really are you just have to disagree with them or point out at their inappropriate behaviour and the narcissist monster will come out in its most glorious stage! You will see how their disproportionate rage is triggered and gets ready to bully you. They will try to intimidate you and to put you into submission. Or they can simply coldly cut you out of their life or conversation for a while until they start feeling starved of someone who is ready to comply again!

So Rebeca, HOW do I deal with my narcissist partner?

Speak with their parents doesn´t work

Avoid conflict, agree and flatter them playing their game up to a point doesn´t work

Do you want the relationship to continue with ground rules? Sit together and set up some boundaries about what you would like them to start doing differently. It doesn´t work. They will be unwilling to agree to such rules. Sometimes they promise to change, but then they carry on acting in the same old way!

So then what Rebeca?! I know…. You will have to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

At this point you may have lost your self-esteem, confidence and have no courage but Heeei! You’re NOT ALONE!

  • No more wasting your precious life……
  • No more risking your entire life……
  • And no more infecting and affecting your children and the other people around you…….

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