Who are you dating?

My bed was asking me to stay, but I went to the gym because I had a date with my body.

My bed was asking me to stay, but I went to the gym. I had a date with my body.

The rain was advising me to stay nice and warm in my cozy house, but instead, I went to the club. I wanted to meet my future salsa dancer self.

The cheesecake tried to persuade me to bite it, but instead, I enjoyed a lemon ginger tea. I had a date with my health.

Some demons worked hard to keep me safe and stuck at home but instead, I had a date with my future public speaker self. I went to my public speaking classes.

Years ago, a naughty voice in my head overpowered all my body with intense fear. I told then a friend that I would help her overcome a traumatic experience with my hypnotherapy skills. when I was still in training, I told the voice to f* off. I had a date with my future emotional healer self and with my future unstoppable friend self.

Last night I had a meeting with my bed, the rain, the cheesecake, the demons and the naughty voice. I told them that they are blessings. for training me to be loyal to myself. for making good feeling decisions and for becoming this awesome woman that I am today.

I told them that I would not mind if they wanted to keep around but since I had already learnt my lessons they would feel a bit ignored and get quite bored so they chose to go somewhere else.

Net result

Now I have a fantastic body, I am an amazing salsa dancer. I have robust health, I am an amazing public speaker and I am an outstanding hypnotherapist.

Today it’s raining a lot. This morning I missed my friend in the gym. I also missed my friend Sara in the salsa club. I saw a lady eating cheesecake and a friend told me that had anxiety. that’s because he had to give regular public speaking presentations at work. Also a colleague told me that had no clients because she felt unconfident.

Who are you dating?

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